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Proposition 12 Impact on AgFest 2024 Exhibitors

As many of you know, Proposition 12 went into effect January 1, 2022, which requires minimum housing standards for breeding pigs, veal calves and egg-laying chickens that are sold or processed in California. For the purposes of AgFest, this affects market hogs that will be sold at auction. For AgFest 2023, self-certification from the farm where the breeding pig was kept was acceptable. However, for AgFest 2024, 3rd party certification of the farm where your market hog was bred will be required.

Please read the attached letter from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) explaining the requirements for 2024. The letter provides a link to a video that provides information and guidance to fair exhibitors on Proposition 12. Any further questions can be addressed to

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AgFest 2024 Planning is Underway!

We are three monthly meetings into our planning for AgFest 2024 and we would love to have you get involved!

If you have not been an AgFest member in previous years or if you have but your contact information has changed, please join by filling out the form below. Through membership, you can stay informed on plans in progress for AgFest 2024, vote on important decisions being made and get to know others in the AgFest community. Previous members can simply send your dues in using Venmo or send a check (instructions on the page below).

AgFest 2024 Membership Information and Application

Interested in becoming a Barn Chair? We are collecting applications for barn chairs for AgFest 2024. The barn chair duties document has been revised for 2023, so even if you have served before, please take a minute and read through it before submitting your application.

Barn Chair Duties, revised 2023
AgFest 2024 Barn Chair Application

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Congratulations to our AgFest 2023 Winners!

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