AgFest 2022 Parking – Rules and Information

General Parking
RV Parking
Wall Parking

Parking on Sale Day (June 18, 2022)
All exhibitors (including those with wall passes) must park in the B Street lot on Sale Day to allow close access for buyers. Extra RV vehicles must be parked with RV or on B Street, to allow close access for buyers. Wall spots and Jockey lot will be used for buyers parking on Sale Day. Buyers will not need to pay for parking, but must show their buyer number upon entry.

General Parking

Weekly Parking Pass holders park in the B Street Lot
Daily Parking pass holders enter through the Martin Luther King Gate to purchase your pass and park
Week-Long General Parking Pass – $30/vehicle, Daily Parking is $10/vehicle/day
Week-Long General Parking Passes can be pre-ordered,

Daily Passes available at the Martin Luther King Gate

  1. Weekly general parking passes can be pre-purchased via the AgFest website – $30/vehicle – good for the duration of AgFest. Daily passes will be available for purchase at the gate for $10 per car per day.
  2. There will be a change for parking in the B Street lot for the duration of AgFest, including on sales days. Vehicles parking in the B Street lot will be required to have a valid pre-purchased weekly pass.
  3. Reminder – If you purchase an RV pass, you will also receive an additional parking pass for your tow vehicle good for the entire week. Tow vehicles can be parked in your RV Spot or in the B Street Parking Lot
  4. NO ATV, GOLF CARTS, ETC can be brought on to AgFest grounds.  For insurance reasons, only AgFest staff can utilize these types of vehicles.  Please don’t ask and please don’t bring them.
  5. Exhibitor name is needed for the distribution of passes.
  6. Handicapped parking will be available near the grandstands. A valid handicapped placard must be displayed.
  7. Parking pass may be used to enter the fairgrounds for feed and tack drop-off. Please help us avoid traffic congestion by removing your vehicle immediately after items are dropped off. Please use the same route that is published in the guidebook for load-in for your species.
  8. Volunteer and FFA Advisor parking will be behind the livestock barns. (Not on the wall) .
  9. AgFest is not responsible for the loss or damage of any individual’s vehicle or property by theft, fire, or any other means not under its control. 
  10. When entering and leaving the B Street parking area, please drive slowly.
  11. Parking in an undesignated area will be grounds for towing.


  1. All stock trailers enter on B Street, exit on Airport Way. 
  2. Stock trailer parking will be in the parking lot between the beef barn and Airport Way with overflow parking on the racetrack

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RV Parking

RV Parking will be in the Carnival area
RV Pass – $150 with a $150 Security Deposit
Pass includes RV and one tow vehicle

  1. NEW – Several of the RV sites were left in unacceptable condition, requiring our volunteers to spend time cleaning up the trash that was left behind. Because of this, RV passes this year will require a $150 security deposit in addition to the cost of the pass. A check in the amount of $150 must be presented within 24 hours of arrival to Josh Hiatt or Jim Hearn. If the area where you park is left clean when you depart, your check will be returned to you via mail on Monday, June 20th.
  2. RVs can begin arriving starting Thursday 6/9 at 8:00 AM, checking in with Jim Hearn upon arrival. Check in times are 8 am to 7 pm from Thursday – Sunday.  All RV’s must be checked in by Sunday June 12th at 7:00 pm. Area must be cleaned prior to leaving…RVs can leave anytime during AgFest.
  3. This is a youth event. Please keep language, adult beverage consumption, and actions to youth respectable and observe acceptable conduct and common courtesy at all times. AgFest personnel has the right to enforce and ask you to leave. Failure to observe this could result in RV privileges being revoked. 
  4. RV Parking Permits will be distributed with ear tags. You must have your RV Permit with you in order to park your trailer. Your RV Parking Pass needs to be visible in your vehicle window at all times and should include a contact name and cell phone number.  
  5. RV does not exceed 8 feet in width, 40 feet in length or 14 feet in height, unless arrangements have been made for a double space. 
  6. All RV Spaces are for dry lot camping only. No Tent Camping 
  7. Your fee allows one vehicle access for your tow vehicle – tow vehicles can be parked in your RV parking spot or in the B Street parking lot – NO WALL PARKING 
  8. RV’s will enter and exit via Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 
  9. RV Spaces are first-come first-served. RV’s must be in a designated numbered spot.  One RV per spot.
  10. The applicant that signs up for their RV parking space is only allowed to use that space – you will not be allowed to sublease or loan their space to any other person – unless cleared with the AgFest Credential committee.
  11. Vehicles parked in an undesignated area or in an area without proper pass will be subject to towing. 
  12. No exhibitor will be allowed to stay in an RV overnight without adult supervision 21 yrs. and older. 
  13. RV Campers should be courteous of other Campers and limit noise after 11 pm (including generators). 
  14. Please keep your youth/exhibitors at your own campsites after 10 pm. Do not allow them to wander through other campsites. 
  15. The fairgrounds and AgFest has a no dog on the premises policy. This applies to the RV area as well. PLEASE NO DOGS ON THE FAIRGROUNDS, EXCEPT THOSE THAT ARE BEING EXHIBITED IN THE DOG SHOW. 
  16. No Animals that are being exhibited are allowed in the RV Area. 
  17. AgFest will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any individual’s property by theft, fire, or any other means not under its control. 


  1. Absolutely no pop-ups that are not Fire Marshall/Fire Rated Approved. 
  2. Gas cans need to be CA approved and secured as to not fall over; out of the sun; a minimum of 15’ away from generators or any heat source or spark. 
  3. No Pop Ups, Table, Chairs etc. that will obstruct Fire Lanes. 
  4. Absolutely No Vehicle Parking in Fire Lane. 
  5. Absolutely no cooking of any kind under a pop-up. 
  6. Any other requirement the Fire Marshall issues at AgFest needs to be followed; immediate removal for non- compliance will be enforced. 

If you want to be parked with a Group – please indicate Group Name and one Group Contact Person and phone number when you place your order. 

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Wall Parking

Wall Parking will be along the wall behind the livestock area
Wall Parking Pass – $125 per vehicle
NO Wall Parking Directly Behind the Livestock Office

Entry includes One Vehicle for parking and includes in and out privileges to designated livestock area and one space as designated by AgFest Credential Committee.


  1. We have limited wall spaces and only online payment will be accepted.
  2. All wall parking is on first come first serve for spaces for numbers on the back wall of the Livestock Area.
  3. Spaces directly behind the LIVESTOCK OFFICE will not be designated for WALL PARKING 
  4. AgFest and Fair will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any individual’s property by theft, fire, or any other means not under its control.
  5. When entering and leaving the barn area please drive slow.
  6. Parking in an undesignated area or space without a proper pass will be subject to towing.
  7. Your Wall Parking Pass must be clearly visible in your window at all times.
  8. Only ONE WALL PASS PER FAMILY – Unless not all Wall Parking is sold prior to cut off date. 

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