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Virtual Entry Submissions are Open!

The virtual entry form is now live! Click below to upload your entries.

Virtual Entry Submission Form

As a reminder, here are the entry deadlines. Entries can be submitted for each department anytime between now and the deadline:

Entry Deadlines:

Market and breeding livestock: 5/30/20 at 11:59 PM
Showmanship video competition: 5/31/20 at 11:59 PM
Showmanship essay competition: 6/5/20 at 11:59 PM
Dog show: 6/3/20 at 11:59 PM
Ag Education and Science entries: 6/3/20 at 11:59 PM

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Additions to Guidebook for Dog Show

Attention dog show exhibitors…please download the latest version of the guidebook. There have been many important additions to the dog show department.

Video guidelines have been refined and added to the guidebook, including the lengths the videos should be and what they should contain. In addition, patterns for obedience and rally have been added. Please observe these guidelines and patterns when creating your video submissions

Also…we have added a Division 7 – Youth Handling, which is showmanship for the dog show. It is not necessary to have pre-registered for this division in Blue Ribbon…your video upload constitutes your entry.

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Updating an Announcement from January – No Poultry Show Will be Held This Year.

Earlier this month, the voting members of Agfest had decided to move forward with holding a terminal-only poultry show. However, since then, there have been 20 new cases discovered and it has been recommended by the USDA that we not hold a show. We will be abiding by the recommendation and there will NOT be a poultry show again this year. While we completely understand that this is disappointing for our youth involved in poultry projects, it is critical that we all do our part in eradication efforts for this devastating disease. Thank-you for your understanding and support. Here is a link to the latest updates from the state veterinarian on this important issue.