Youth Ag Education and Science Competitions

Agriculture Mechanics

Exhibit your metal / woodworking projects that you have been creating or equipment that you have repaired, rebuilt or remodeled. Exhibitors can enter individually or as a group.

Agricultural Mechanics Auction
The top 20 blue ribbon agricultural mechanics projects are eligible to sell at the Junior Livestock Auction. Exhibitors must declare their intention to sell when they check in their exhibit.


Collect and display an insect collection. Classes are divided into 4-H and FFA and broken out by FFA and 4-H with classes broken out by experience level of the exhibitor.


Show off the products that you have grown in your garden. There are divisions for vegetables (regular, container grown, and over-sized), fruits, nuts and herbs.


Bring in the potted plants and cut flowers that you have grown at home. Or display your skills with a floral arrangement or a container/dish gardens (materials may be purchased).

Agricultural Panels

Educate yourself and others by creating a panel about an agricultural related topic. Classes are divided up by livestock species and then all other agricultural-related topics.