Writing Your Buyer Letters

Stay tuned for the 2023 Sample Buyer Letter



Why? Why do you write buyer letters? The end of your project is always the auction. All of that hard work and effort you put into raising a quality animal to be sold at auction – you want to get the most that you can get for your project. Sending buyer letters out markets not only your animal but yourself. Highlight your accomplishments and what you have done to raise your animal and put the effort and expense into the project by feeding it grain, getting the best ADG, and producing quality meat, now it’s time for the reward. But you need to have more than ONE person at the Auction to bid on your animal if you want the best price you can get.

Who? Who do you send the letters to? Friends, family, business contacts, grocery stores you frequent, places like Les Schwab Tires, Ag Businesses and other people in the community. Anyone you would talk to about your animal and project might have an interest in supporting you.

What? What do I put in the letter? Where do you go to school, how many years you have been involved in the project? What you have learned, an interesting story about you and your animal.

Where? Where is the Auction taking place? This year it will be both LIVE and SIMULCAST – explain this – see the Buyer info pamphlet

When? When will the auction take place? Times and dates – especially with your animal.

How? How does this help you with your project? Do you have funds that you will reinvest for next year? Saving for College? These are all helpful things to put in your letter.

See the highlights on the letter and why these are important:

1. A personalized letter to the person will show that you are directing the letter to a specific buyer. If you just want to make photo copies and put in Dear and their name you can – but by addressing them personally shows you took time to invite them. Handwritten or typed? There are some buyers that will ONLY buy your animal if it is a handwritten letter
2. This information is about you and your project and other things that you are doing. Something personal that shows you know your animal helps get the potential buyer connected to you and your project.
3. Talk about the Auction and other options that are available if they don’t want to purchase your animal but may want to donate
4. When and where the auction will take place and how to sign up or get more information
5. A conclusion and a thanks for the support they may offer
6. Be sure to HAND SIGN each letter!
7. Be sure to have your address and phone number included so they can contact you!
8. More information of how to get buyer information and information on AgFest
9. A PHOTO! It gives the buyer a face and animal to relate to!

Don’t copy this letter – this is just an example of how to put something together. You can be creative and put together a tri-fold brochure – your photo doesn’t have to be included. Your name and address can be at the bottom of your letter – just be sure to get all Elements involved.