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Important Dates and Deadlines

MAY 30

  • Ear tag pickup – Ear tags for Beef, Goats, Sheep, Swine and Commercial Gilts must be picked up at the fairgrounds in the Sheep and Goat Ring between 5:00 – 7:00 PM – enter through the Martin Luther King Gate and drive by the grandstands towards the livestock barns. Bill of sale for goats, sheep and swine as well as the Prop 12 statements for swine must be turned in at this time.
    NOTE: Poultry/turkeys will receive their leg bands and turn in bills of sale at check-in. Bills of sale for rabbits and bills of sale/transportation slips for beef are turned in at check-in.


  • Agriculture Eduction Scholarship eligibility – Last day to submit a student application for Agriculture Education Scholarship – Click here for more information and to access the online form.
  • Stock Show Auctions Bio – Last day to create your stock show auctions bio for all Market animals and Ag Mechanics projects that will sell at auction – details and pictures can be added later but the initial bio must be created by June 1st otherwise AgFest will create your bio for you and you will not have the option for edits. Click here for details.
  • Record Books for Independents – Recordbooks must be submitted to or turned in at ear tag pickup. Click here for details


  • Final AgFest 2023 general meeting – location to be announced
  • Parking/RV passes – to be picked up at the AgFest 2023 general meeting
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Ag Ed Scholarship – Exhibitor Application and Donor Form

The Ag Ed Scholarship Exhibitor Application and Donor form have been released.

Exhibitors: If you would like to qualify to have a donor sponsor you must complete the application. Click below to access the application form:

AgFest 2023 – Ag Ed Scholarship Exhibitor Application

Donors: The donor form for AgFest 2023 has been released. Exhibitors that have completed the application form will appear in the list of available students to donate to. If the student you wish to donate to does not appear in the list, it is because they have not completed the Exhibitor Application. Please advise them to complete the application if they wish to receive your donation. Click the link below to access the donor form:

AgFest 2023 – Ag Ed Scholarship Donor Form

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AgFest 2023 Checklists Updated

The AgFest checklists have received some minor updates. See the division log below for details. In addition, the checklist for Ag Mechanics has been released.

Change log – 4/14/23 Revision
1. Updated the Small Animal Breeding and Market checklists to correct the ownership date. The correct ownership date for small animal market and breeding species is May 11th.

Change log – 4/10/23 Revision
1. Added additional information in the How to Complete Your . Online Entry section to help with your online Blue Ribbon entry process.

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Become an AgFest 2023 Sponsor!

The AgFest 2023 sponsorship letters have gone out. This year, we have made the sponsorship process even easier with an online form where you can submit your sponsorship and conveniently pay with a credit card, PayPal or Venmo with NO processing fees. You can also still send a check if you prefer. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities this year, go to our new online sponsorship page.

NOTE: You can still use the paper form and send a check if you prefer not to use the online form.

Become an AgFest 2023 Sponsor

If you have any questions about partnership opportunities, please contact our Marketing Chair, Jessalee Goehring, at 209-639-2828

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AgFest 2023 Theme

Jr. AgFest has selected “Generations of Champions” for the 2023 AgFest theme. This theme embarks on our 10-year anniversary of AgFest. Youth from San Joaquin County have exhibited livestock, various crops and flowers, displayed Agriculture mechanic projects and various still exhibits. It’s time to celebrate our 4-H/Grange Clubs and FFA Chapter and all of their accomplishments.

Let’s celebrate together! Your Pen Decorations is your canvas to spotlight your 4-H/Grange Club or FFA Chapter and its accomplishments. When did your 4-H Club start? When did your school start the FFA program? From spotlighting past AgFest Exhibitors showing in the show ring to a member earning their State degree. Maybe your club has been influenced by a dedicated volunteer? Did your Parents or a family member show the same animal you are? Have you ever looked at your clubs or chapters scrap books? Several schools or clubs focus on a specific learning experience in their programs. Use you pen decorations to educate other all about your programs!

“Generations of Champions” is an all-inclusive theme to celebrate your club or chapter. Spotlight your exhibitors and their projects, past and present. Every exhibitor is helping to shape the next generation of champions! Let’s celebrate “Generations of Champions” this year at AgFest!

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Important Information for Market Swine Exhibitors regarding Proposition 12 – Farm Animal Confinement Regulations

Exhibitors of market swine projects for AgFest 2023 will be subject to new Proposition 12 regulations that took effect September 1, 2022 relating to new minimum standards that have been established in California for the confinement of certain livestock species, including swine. If you are a market swine exhibitor, please read the attached statement that summarizes the new requirements and how they affect you for this upcoming AgFest 2023.

For further information about how these new regulations affect youth exhibitors in California, we encourage you to read the attached statement from the California Department of Food and Agriculture.