Veterinary Requirements

Nancy L. Martin, DVM
CVA East Meets West Veterinary Service
5170 Maple Rd Vacaville, CA 95687
Telephone: (707) 446-5545

Dear 4-H or FFA Exhibitor/Parent/supporter:

East Meets West Veterinary Services and the San Joaquin County Junior Show and Auction Council have adopted a zero tolerance policy for animal disease involving any and all livestock exhibited during the 2019 Fair season.

Animal disease control among exhibitors serves three main purposes. First and foremost, the public deserves and expects to see well cared for animals at the fair. To the public, perception is reality, and it is our responsibility to leave public fairgoers a healthy, wholesome perception of animal husbandry and animal exhibitor practices.

Second, it is our responsibility to provide a clean and healthy environment for people attending the fair and for the exhibitors themselves.

Third, it is our responsibility to provide a healthy environment for all the livestock that are exhibited at the fair. Some animals that are exhibited are going on to be slaughtered for meat preparation. It is important that these animals be free from disease. Some animals that are being exhibited will return to their homes as breeding animals. It is important that they do not take a disease home from the fairgrounds.

If your animal is sifted from the group of potential exhibited animals, it is because your animal has been examined and found to have a disease condition that is thought to be unsightly, contagious to humans, or contagious to other animals.

The decision by the check-in veterinarians is final. There is no grievance policy. We are truly sorry to have to send an animal home from the fair. We hope you can appreciate our position and the goals we are working toward. Ultimately, we want any animal exhibited to be free of disease and the image of health and vitality.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nancy L. Martin, DVM
East Meets West Veterinary Service

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