Come to the Auction

How to Become a Buyer

Support our AgFest youth by becoming a buyer at the Auction! Buyers can either purchase an animal for themselves or for resale. The resale program is a convenience for buyers who want to support AgFest youth, but do not want to keep the meat for personal consumption. The Auction committee contracts with a third-party who will purchase animals at market price for later resale. That price will be published in the Auction catalog.

How to Designate an Auction Proxy

As a buyer, you can choose to designate a proxy to purchase at the AgFest Junior Auction Sale on behalf of you or your company. You can either issue them a check to pay for your purchases or have us contact you to pay with a credit card.

Note – a 3% Processing Fee will be added to all Credit Card Purchases

How to Place an Add-On to an Exhibitor’s Sale Proceeds

If you would like to support an exhibitor at AgFest through the Auction Sale but do not wish to be a buyer, you may donate directly to the exhibitor using the Add On Form. The amount you designate will be added on to the exhibitors auction sale proceeds on the day of the sale. The add-on form allows you to contribute to more than one exhibitor. Payment can be made on Auction Day at the payment window.

Note – a commission fee of 6% will be taken out of all Exhibitor’s sale proceeds. This is down from 7% in 2019.