Simulcast Walkthrough

Due to the popularity of the simulcast option for our Junior Livestock Auction, we are pleased to offer again for this year’s AgFest.

Our LIVE AUCTION will broadcast in LIVE TIME through This means that each lot will go through the auction and you have the ability to bid on it real time online.

REPLACEMENT HEIFER AUCTION will be Friday, June 16th at 7:00 PM in the Elmer & Diana Muller Show Ring

LIVESTOCK AUCTION will be Saturday, June 17th starting at 9:00 AM In the Elmer & Diana Muller Show Ring

SWINE AUCTION will be Saturday June 17th starting at 9:30 AM in the Dave Luis Memorial Swine Ring

We recommend logging into the website and registering prior to the Sale.

Registered last year? You may be lucky enough that if you click LOG IN, it will self-populate your information from last year. Just click on the USERNAME and it will bring up what you used last year. If you remember or it populated your password, you are set! If not, you can request a password. If you need help, click the bottom right purple chat, and they can walk you through it. Don’t just try to re-register; it won’t let you past your email. If you have changes to make in your billing, see below ACCOUNTS. Logged in? SKIP NEW REGISTRATION AND GO TO BROWSE THE SITE


  • Click on REGISTER.
  • A logIn Screen will come up. Click on REGISTER this will take you to a screen to Register and Terms.
  • Complete a USER NAME: Note this name will appear when you are bidding so use a name thatcorresponds with your company or last name that you want to represent you.
  • Password – make this easy to remember.
  • *Important – WRITE DOWN BOTH OF THESE! You may think you will remember, but trust ME, youwon’t. Stock Show is very helpful, and if at any time you have a question, there is a purple circle in thebottom right that you can click and chat online with someone LIV, which is very helpful.
  • Complete name and last name.
  • Email: Important the system will only let you use one email; if you have exhibitors and they used youremail, you can use their account, just know it will be under that USER NAME. GO to the sectionEXHIBITOR USED MY EMAIL.
  • Complete Company section.
  • Interest In – Choose the drop down and select BIDDING AND BUYING.
  • Phone numbers – please use the #1, the one that you will want us to call you during bidding, and #2 ifthere is an additional line we should call.
  • Skip past the receiving text messages unless you want to receive them from Stock Shows other platforms.
  • Complete the Address area.
  • If the billing is different than your address, make those changes.
  • Click Next Step. This is going to ask you for your CREDIT CARD information. Your credit card willnot be charged, but this is to ensure that you are a real bidder. You will need to make payment directlywith AgFest.
  • Click Next Step – Please read over all the terms of the Auction. If you agree, click the box and Click toComplete.
  • You are now successfully registered. Go to LOG IN and log into your account. (You did write down your USER NAME AND PASSWORD right?)


ACCOUNT – at top of screen will take you to all the information of your account. If you need to make any changeson this, this is where you will do it.

  • Edit – make changes to your name, company, email, phone numbers or address.
  • Preferences – You can make changes to if you want notifications of items on your Watchlist. The ones on the left column for the LIVE auction will not apply.
  • Credit Card – if you want to update your credit card information.
  • Watchlist – this will show you what you have selected in your WATCHLIST. See below on how to putLots in my WATCHLIST.
  • Invoices – this will show your WINNING Bids once the item has been sold.
  • Statements – this will show you your Statement after the auction. Please note that we need to access CUSTOM and RESALE Charges so DO NOT PAY from this statement. We will mail you the statement.
  • Consignor Portal – this is where the EXHIBITORS WILL REGISTER, so buyers do not enter this!

WATCHLIST (At Top of Screen)

  • If you click here once the AUCTION begins, click on AUCTION on the Purple Bar and it will bring you to all of Stock Show Auctions. Click on the Auction you want; it will load that Auction (again, our Auction will have to be loaded for you to complete this). If you want Dairy, click that one. SWINE, click that one. LIVESTOCK is all of the others.

Once in the AgFest Auction, you have some options in your Watchlist. (the purple eye icon)

  • ENTIRE LOTS – You can peruse the entire lots section. If you click on a specific lot, it will bring it up so that you can read about the exhibitor’s lot. If you are interested in bidding on this lot, put it into your WATCHLIST. Click the “purple eye” and it will go into a WATCHLIST folder.
  • LOT CATEGORIES – At the left of the screen will list LOT Categories. Click what you want to look at. For example, clicking on REPLACEMENT HEIFERS will bring up all of the Replacement Heifers. If you are interested in bidding on any of the lots, put it into your WATCHLIST. Click the “purple eye” and it will go into a WATCHLIST folder.
  • LOT FILTERS – At the left of the Screen will list Lot Filters. You can now search a lot based on First Name, Last Name, FFA Chapter or 4H Club, City; those are pretty much the categories that we
    have. Click on Apply Filters and those lots will appear to the right. Reminder, if you do a search, we are doing our best to be sure that the exhibitors enter correctly spelled and listed FFA Chapters and 4-H Clubs. But sometimes they put Lodi, not LODI FFA or Lodi 1, so it might be best if you are searching for someone specific to enter LAST NAME. If you are interested in bidding on a lot, put it into your WATCHLIST. Click the “purple eye” and it will go into a WATCHLIST folder.
  • WHAT’S IN MY WATCHLIST – Now you can go to the top of the page to WATCHLIST. Click on that and you can see what you have in your watchlist in Lot Order.
  • If you are done with LIVESTOCK and want to switch to SWINE, just go to the AUCTIONS in the purple bar and it will take you back to all of STOCK SHOW AUCTION and Select the AgFest Swine.
  • LOGOUT – this will sign you out. 


AUCTION – This bar will be very handy when on the auction platform. Click it to take you to the CURRENT AUCTIONS of Stock Show Auctions. You will find the AGFEST Logo with the Dairy (June 16th at 7:00 PM), Swine (June 17th at 9:30 AM), and LIVESTOCK (June 17th at 9:00 AM). If you’re using this system on June 17th when we have 2 auctions in progress simultaneously,  you can go back and forth between the 2 auctions. This is where you will find the auction when you log in.
SHOW COMMITTEES – This gives you information about Stock Show Auctions. 
EXHIBITORS – Useful information for Exhibitors to Load and Sales tips.
BUYERS – Useful information for Buyers, if you didn’t get your answers from me here; review these buyer instructions.
PAY INVOICE – We will not utilize this service as it is not an option for us at this time.
CONTACT US – You will contact Stock Show Auctions through this button.page2image5011200page3image3006784

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS??? The Little Purple Speak Button at the bottom left Screen – anytime you want to text someone at Stock Show Auctions about a problem, do it here.

EXHIBITOR USED MY EMAIL – If you exhibitor already created their account and used your email and you don’t have another one, you will be stuck bidding with the USERNAME that they created. Or maybe contact Stock Show Auctions and see if they can help, but we think you are stuck. But you can still create your BIDDER ACCOUNT this way. Click on ACCOUNT at the top; in Edit Account go to the “Interest In” and click the down button and click on BIDDING AND BUYING; go to the bottom and click on SAVE. If you want to change your name in this section you can do that as well, and add your company name and be sure that the address is correct. You can now bid on animals!


  • Sign into website – Login – Go to the purple bar – AUCTIONS
  • Click on the Auction you want, it will pull up all of the Lots.
  • DAIRY REPLACEMENT AUCTION: You can enter the Auction platform starting at 5 pm for the Saturday, June12th 7:00 pm Auction start time. You can view lots and put lots into your WATCHLIST (See Watchlist above).
  • LIVESTOCK AUCTION: Preview anytime Friday, June 18th after 5:00 pm (We may have it open prior to that)for Saturday, June 19th 9:00 am Auction start time (Beef, Sheep, Goats, Ag Mechanics, Rabbits, Poultry). You canview lots and put lots into your WATCHLIST (See Watchlist above).
  • SWINE AUCTION: Preview anytime Friday, June 16th after 5:00 PM for Saturday, June 17th 9:30 AM Auction start time. You can view lots and put lots into your WATCHLIST (See Watchlist above).


  • Sign into website – Log In (you remember your user and password right?) – Go to the purple bar – AUCTIONS
  • Click on the Auction you want; it will sign into that auction with all of the Lots.
  • About middle of the page there will be a blue bar that says CLICK LIVE AUCTION, click on that.
  • Your screen will be in 4 quadrants –
    • BID SCREEN – Left Side shows you the auction lot that is currently on the auction block and the bids. Floor is the Live Bid and the USERNAME (####) is the online bidder.
    • CURRENT LOT: Middle Top is the current lot that is on the Auction block being bid on; a Photo of that EXHIBITOR is POSTED.
    • LIVESTREAM: Middle Bottom – shows the exhibitors live (you may have to open this by clicking the little button on the top right of the exhibitor photo and move it to this location as it might open and appear over the photo.
    • LOTS – Right side – Shows all of the lots; the LIVE is what is currently on the auction block. 

Helpful Hints

  • If you can’t see the LIVESTREAM click the little button on the top right of the Exhibitor Photo, it opens up the LIVESTREAM.
  • If you can’t hear the LIVESTREAM, click the bullhorn in the middle.
  • If you have questions, use the Message Bar and type in your question.
  • If you get into something and you don’t know how to get out, just click back to AUCTIONS in the purple bar andclick into the AUCTION that you want.


  • BID SCREEN – In the Left-hand corner is where the LIVE Bidding will occur.
  • The opening bid will be set and the auctioneer will take it from there.
  • If you want to bid, you need to CLICK PURPLE BUTTON that says BID $#### and that is your bid.
  • Remember it will rise every time the auctioneer raises the price; watch this as it might rise as you click the button
  • It will state at the top the Current Bid who is the Current Winner and the BID $#### is the asking bid price.
  • The three buttons on top “ONCE,” “SELLING,” and “SOLD” – the only button you may see light up during this process is SOLD. Keep in mind this is a LIVE AUCTION. If you are very interested in this LOT, please type in the Message Bar before the LOT comes up that you WANT TO BID ON THIS LOT, that way the CLERK will keep the Auctioneer informed that we have an active ONLINE bid. You, yourself, will control the BID BUTTON and place each bid.


If you are the Successful “Winner” of the LOT, we need the following immediately following SOLD:

  1. Type in the Message – CUSTOM or RESALE (for Beef, Sheep, Swine and Goats)
  • CUSTOM – if you want the animal to be processed for your freezer, you are responsible for the HarvestFee and Cut and Wrap Fee.
  • RESALE – you will pay the difference between the Market Price and the amount of your bid (i.e. Goat is $2.00 lb Market and you bid $10.00 a lb. – we will bill you $8.00 lb).
  • If CUSTOM – we need to know where you want it processed; see the brochure for the Meat Lockers.
  • It is important that we know this information following the animal so the paperwork can be complete andon sheep and goats they need to be marked at the Auction Block.


You can submit a PRE-BID at any time. This will be an amount that you choose. This will be an opening amount that the Auctioneer will use. Do not use this feature if this is not the LOWEST price you want to pay for this LOT. Once you put the amount in, you cannot retract the amount. Be sure this is the amount you would want to pay if you were the WINNER.


During the LIVESTREAM you can go to the right-side bar on the lots and click on them; it will open the lot and you can review it. Put a PRE-BID on it (See above).

During the LIVESTREAM you can go to your WATCHLIST (at the top) and it will bring up all the lots in your watch list sold or those that haven’t gone through the sale, so you can keep better tabs of the lots you are looking for. If you can’t get out of this, just click that AUCTIONS button and resign into the AUCTION.


You can switch between Auctions anytime. Just click AUCTION in the purple bar and select the Auction you want; it will load the screen. You will need to CLICK LIVE AUCTION and will have to OPEN the Live Auction at the upper corner of the center photo; make sure you hit the BULLHORN SOUND to get the sound feed. Now you are ready to start bidding on this platform.


If you feel uncomfortable bidding online and have specific lots and specific $ amounts that you want to place, you can contact Chris prior to bid day and make arrangements for a Proxy or phone bid. Please note that calling the day of an auction to make these arrangements may not get you the results you are looking for, but we will try our best. Reach out first and we will try and help you out. Chris 209-607-1157