Showmanship Essay Judging Results


 We have a great turnout for our showmanship essay contest…76 participants!  Very unexpected, but welcomed number. Some comments from the judge…


  • We enjoyed your stories and personal touches you put on your essays.  Examples and stories really illustrated the points you were trying to make.
  • There were a variety of styles and approaches to how you answered the writing prompts, and your creativity and passion for showing really came through.
  • The photos were excellent!


  •  Always be sure to proofread; make use of the spelling and grammar check on your computer if you need help.
  • Stick to the topic and make sure you are writing to the prompt for your age group.  Making good use of proper writing format will help with that and keep your writing focused.
  • Follow the directions in the guidebook (include a photo, pay attention to word count, etc.).
  • Don’t be afraid to use personal examples to make your point!

Judging Results


4-H Champion – Isabella Avila, Calla 4-H
Reserve 4-H Champion – Cambel Dunn, Linden-Peters 4-H

4-H Novice

  1. Cambel Dunn, Linden-Peters
  2. Lucas Coons, Tokay-Colony
  3. Keenan Cheney, Linden-Peters

4-H Intermediate

  1. Jaycee Wilmhurst, Ripon
  2. Khloe Lombardo, New Jerusalem
  3. Jacob Hixson, Oak View

4-H Advanced

  1.  Isabella Avila, Calla
  2. Emily Bavaro, Escalon
  3. Emily Durant, Jefferson


FFA Champion – Katelin Bean, East Union FFA
Reserve FFA Champion – Emma Bracco, Escalon FFA

Grades 9-10

  1. Gracie Bracco, Escalon
  2. Isabella Pires, Manteca
  3. Kaetlyn Bogle, East Union

Grades 11-12

  1. Katelin Bean, East Union
  2. Emma Bracco, Escalon
  3. Emily Cooper, Lodi