Market Sheep Judging Results


Like we have stated before we couldnt be more proud of the kids and their support groups of parents, grandparents, advisors, friends etc on how they embraced this “new normal” that we are experiencing showing livestock. Its not ideal but you guys made great videos and had your projects looking incredible.  Congrats to all exhibitors in the market show!

Supreme Champion
Rylee Towle, Merrill West FFA

“Just an awesome set of market lambs all the way through both 4-H and FFA shows. Very deep in quality and fun to sort through. We think its extremely close between the 2 champions. The FFA Champion sheep is just so smooth and neat in terms of his build and balance with great shape to go along with it. He will be your overall supreme market lamb out of class 7 FFA Champion 306393”

Reserve Supreme Champion
Samantha Asmus, Alpine Victor 4-H

“Again after a very close race for overall supreme your Champion 4-H Lamb out off class 6 will be your Reserve Supreme Market Lamb 863073.”

Just an overall excellent set of market lambs for the 4-H show. Cant say enough good things about how the lambs were washed and presented. Legs were blended good and you could tell you guys took pride in doing a great job on the videos.  We know this wasnt ideal for anyone but kuddos to you kiddos and your support group for a job well done. The 4-H sheep are good.  Even from a video we can tell  that the sheep are legit and well fed and thet are of the highest quality. We are proud of you and its been an honor to sort through these.

4-H Champion
Samantha Asmus, Alpine Victor 4-H

“The 2 lambs that surface to the top of this group are really good. There are a couple floating around in the mix that might be a tad heavier muscled in spots or have more power in spots or maybe more bone or more shag but when we talk about true combination type animals from muscle shape, style, extension, balance and movement these 2 are unique and check alot of the boxes off what we are looking for. Your champion 4-H lamb will be out of Class 6 lamb 863073 Congrats and nice job.”

4-H Reserve Champion
John Stevano, Linden Peters 4-H

“Type most of the speech up in other box but wanted to say again how good these sheep are.  The reserve lamb was mentioned in class that maybe he hasnt reached his 100% true potential at this point and a little more maturity would really make this one extremely good and maybe run at the grand but this guy is neat neat made and great chested. You can see the muscle and tone he has. The Reserve 4-H lamb will be out of class 7 lamb 123909 great job congrats”

“Again as what was said about the 4-H show holds true in the FFA show as well. What a great set of sheep to sort through. The whole FFA show was very deep and you exhibitors should be proud of your accomplishments.”

FFA Champion
Rylee Towle, Merrill West FFA

“There is a pair of sheep that are built alot alike in skeleton makeup, muscle shape, balance, and style. They are a little apart in maybe weight but the design of these 2 is impecably good and they both stand on a great set of feet and legs. Super sound in motion and hold their neck and front ends together when they travel. Your Champion FFA lamb will be out of class 7 lamb 306393. Nice job and congrats.”

FFA Reserve Champion
Cereya Mettler, Lodi FFA

“The reserve to the Champion lamb again is built just like the champ and if was a tick more mature and had a few more pounds on would give our champion a run. The Reserve lamb will come out of class 4 lamb 398254. Good job and what a great set of sheep to sort through.”

Class Placings



“Nice class of lighthweight lambs. Real flashy attractive lamb to win. He is really  good fronted  and has plenty of shape to still win. Next lamb closely follows class winner in terms of look. Really good shouldered and chested, give us little  length to class winner. 3rd lamb is a bold made big boned and footed lamb that gets a little course shouldered. appreciate his width and dimension but would like to smooth him up in terms of his balance. Nice class of light weight lambs”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Sydney Black, Linden Peters 4-H7446691
Brooklyn Biglieri, Alpine Victor 4-H5633922
Madeline Stewart, Ripon 4-H8615283
Caroline Richison, Alpine Victor 4-H1602334
Cambel Dunn, Linden Peters 4-H1413815
Raven Edwards, Live Oak 4-H9847766


“Class 2 4-H lambs has a winner that gets to the top fairly easily. The 284166 sheep has the most shape working down his top and has the advantage of being one of the most mature ones that still stay good looking.  The 2nd lamb 991535 is a super square edged lamb that has the look and build but needs to have a few more days on feed to get aroud the class winner. 505550 lamb in 3rd is gonna tip the scale as being the larger haevier lamb. His bone and foot size is incredibly good but would like to make him better fronted and chested as he ties in his skeleton. Reall nice group here in class 2”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Jaylene Brown, Live Oak 4-H2841661
Carson McAbee, Jefferson 4-H9915352
Paige van Loben Sels, Alpine Victor 4-H5055503
Keenan Cheney, Linden Peters 4-H8788154
Kailynn Johnson, Independent2171935


“Super nice trio of lambs in this class. Really close on top. The wether has a tick more muscle shape specifically in his stifle. Both lambs are super neat patterned  lambs with extra length of side. Both move extremely well. The 3rd lamb 525797 is a heavy muscled shapely lamb. Like to stretch that one out in terms of length and make him just a little more free on his back legs. Great class from top to bottom.”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Sara Garcia, Alpine Victor 4-H5230671
Gustavo Garcia, Alpine Victor 4-H1040182
Olivia Maragos, Ripon 4-H5257973
Matthew Biglieri, Alpine Victor 4-H6296284
Mara Biglieri, Alpine Victor 4-H7053905
Marcus Hineman, Jefferson 4-H1028516


“Nice class of market lambs here in class 4 of the 4-H. Little tougher class to fall together. Combination sheep on top brings the most good things to the table in terms of shape and balance and muscle and the apperance of tone.  The 2nd lamb closely follows the winner. Particularly like the square hip and pin set of this lamb. Appears to get a little flatter in terms of stifle shape than the class winner. The 3rd lamb is prob the best looking sheep of the whole deal. Love her style and balance aand extra length. At the end of day she just runs out of mass and muscle compared to other 2 but certainly love her look and style. Nice group here congrats.”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Owen Bennett, Alpine Victor 4-H6401931
Claire Richison, Alpine Victor 4-H2548492
Charlotte Towell, Alpine Victor 4-H6467603
Madison Smith, Ripon 4-H5645124
Lily Mogler, Live Oak 4-H4764465
Jeremiah Longmire, Live Oak 4-H3896056
Tambria Drescher, Live Oak 4-H8912677


“Super good set of lambs in this division. Toughest decision on top. 2 different type lambs but both offer a lot of good things. Going to use heavier muscles sheep over the better looking one. The winner 341003 just has more stifle shape and power today. The foot size and bone is excellent the rib and flank is really good. If could change this one maybe like to give him a tad more look and style about his front end. The 2nd lamb 116929 certainly has the advantage of that. This one is way good looking. Hes a tick longer bodied and has more look but gives up a little of that shape specifically in his stifle. Really nice pair of different type of sheep. The 3rd lamb 689367 is a super massive lamb and appears to be fed and finished perfectly. Like to change him on his back feet and free him up when on the move.  He tends to get a bit straight legged. Good class again nice job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Madelynn Bennett, Alpine Victor 4-H3410031
Amilia Towell, Alpine Victor 4-H1169292
Cheyenne Blevins, Ripon 4-H6893673
Brody Black, Linden Peters 4-H3131734
Troy Drescher, Live Oak 4-H9123185
Shawn Warmerdam, Live Oak 4-H2779046
Haydon Williams, Linden Peters 4-H2887537


“Excellent group here. There is the sheep on top that is one of those types that you cant really pick a hole in. He is massive in terms of shape and power. He is level hipped and wide pinned. He moves extremly well and his lines are great. He appears to be really crisp and fresh in terms of finish and just has that “please pick me” look about him. Nice package. The more difficult decision comes  between 2 and 3. Both of these lambs offer a tremendous amount of good in a coupleof different avenues. Going to use the silver pelted lamb 905313 in 2nd. Really like his balance and look a tick better than 162627. When we set them in motion he takes a longer stride and keeps his neck and shoulder a little neater. The 3rd lamb 162627 is huge stifled and powerful no doubt. Love that about him. he shortens up a tick and doesnt stay as true and level in his pin set. Really good class here of  very tough lambs. They are prob going to be contenders in the end without seeing the other 3 classes yet to finish up. Nice job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Samantha Asmus, Alpine Victor 4-H8630731
Jenna Schmiedt, Alpine Victor 4-H9053132
Jaycee Wilmshurst, Ripon 4-H1626273
Stella Myers, New Jerusalem 4-H2208844
Brodie Lund, Linden Peters 4-H6713985
Ella Towell, Alpine Victor 4-H3388416


“Another really nice group of lambs all the way through. The 4 lambs on top kinda of sort themselves apart in terms of muscle shape and tone. Then those 4 are sorted ino 2 different types of sheep. The pair to win have just a little more look and style to them while having enough muscle to go with it. The 123909 sheep is a good looking square edged sheep that prob is in that 1130 range of  being completely ready. His front end and shoulder is tremedous. The grey sheep 310777 closely follows him. He doesnt hold himself together quite as well as the winner but neat shape about him and super good footed. The pair in 3 and 4 are a tick more moderate and shorter made but both have tremendous muscle shape. Appreciate both of them in terms of bone and foot size. Another great class here. Nice job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
John Stevano, Linden Peters 4-H1239091
Kailani Diaz, Alpine Victor 4-H3107772
Gracelyn Dyk, Farmington 4-H5983873
Trevor Schmiedt, Alpine Victor 4-H3538644
Cooper Morino, Ripon 4-H8000195
Mallory Govia, Ripon 4-H5132956
Alexis Bindi, Alpine Victor 4-H8956387


“Smaller class here. The sheep that wins is the combination sheep here. This ones lines are the best and in terms of balance he stays the neatest shouldered and chested of any. His pin set is good and if you could change him like to make him little better in terms of bone and foot size. 2nd lamb has a great shape and is huge footed and boned but shortens up from the side and when in motion doesnt maintain himself quite as nice. Lamb in 3rd is super square edged but becomes more plain in his makeup and doesnt appear to be as fresh. 4th place ewe lamb is a neat made sheep but shes is past the curve on finish and it knocks her out of balance just a tick. Nice class”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Jana Esenwein, Ripon 4-H4424671
Emily Durant, Jefferson 4-H7164882
Addyson Wilmshurst, Ripon 4-H1996513
Chendyl Mettler, Alpine Victor 4-H5186274


“Nice class to end 4-H show with. Big stout lamb to start with. Loaded with shape and mass. Love his hip and hind leg shape. 2nd lamb is square edged and good center bodied, gives up a tick of muscle shape to class winner. 3rd lamb is attractive and up fronted just needs more power and shape to get around the other 2. Nice job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Mya Rocha, New Jerusalem 4-H5730851
Maci Suttle, Jefferson 4-H8193872
Chloe Covello, Ripon 4-H4854733



“Nice set to start off the FFA show. Square edged one to start with. Nice ewe lamb with some shape and style. 2nd lamb is a neater looking one from the side but becomes flat in terms of muscle shape secifically in the stifle. Great pattern on him though and probably needs more time to mature. Nice class”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Alyssa Post, Manteca FFA9475861
Morgan Allen, Ripon FFA8766882
Carolina Ruiz Ayala, Tokay FFA2357603
Anessa Lawrence, Manteca FFA9351754
Alexandria Frederick, Lodi FFA4506675
Makensie Kroll-Bianchi, Lodi FFA3600746
Ella Merkel, Lodi FFA4636727


“Nice pair of lambs on top. Kind of a run away show for the class winner. She combines alot of good things and as she matures she will get better and better. Shes great designed and footed. Square edged and attractive fronted. Nice job. The 2nd lamb follows her in type and kind. She is not as fancy made or as shapely but both nice lambs. Good job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Nicole Powell, Ripon FFA8434431
Manuel Cortez, Ripon FFA5543142
Aalyah Ramirez, Tokay FFA4162323
Aaron Haro, Tokay FFA9587804
Chase Devine, Lodi FFA7449205
Diego Salinas, Merrill West FFA4702006


“Touger class to place. Wasnt one that just stood out as a easy class winner. The pair on top are the most muscular and well balanced lambs. The class winner could be a tick longer bodied but ties alot of good things together in terms of skelton and shape. The 2nd lamb is longer and better moving but doesnt have the top shape and mass that the class winner has. The lamb in 3rd is very striking and shapely but would like to hook her up better in her hip loin. nice class all the way down.”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Matthew Maragos, Ripon FFA2144221
Reese Koenig, Lodi FFA6650662
Chris Voss, Merrill West FFA8100103
Angelina Cortez, Ripon FFA6694104
Katie Avila, Escalon FFA1481055
Hayden Andrade, Tracy FFA7795086
Kenzie Nies, Lodi FFA1482267
Olivia Moreno, Lodi FFA6984638


“Excellent pair on top of this class. What seperates them is the squarenes of hip and pin shape of 398254. He is neat to look at and moves really good holding himself together in terms of his balance. Cool sheep nice job. The 2nd sheep is loaded with muscle. Like him quite a bit too just doesnt have that square hip and carry into his pin as nice. Great pair nice job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Cereya Mettler, Lodi FFA3982541
Brock Lund, Linden FFA1757622
Kaylee Green, Tracy FFA6156393
Audrey Siria, Tokay FFA8956334
Esmeralda Santoyo, Tokay FFA2524265
Mason Fowler, Linden FFA6182366
Noelia Salas, Tokay FFA8546227


“Really sharp grey lamb to win with here. Could use a little more time to mature into his center body but really a nice good looking sheep with plenty of muscle working down his top and super shape in his stifle. 2nd lamb might be a tick more powered up in terms of rack shape but doesnt have to front end extension and look that the winner does. Really nice pair on top. The 3rd lamb is a cobination type sheep of being smooth made and having plenty of muscle. He just doesnt have to extra tone and muscle that the 2 ahead of him have. Nice class here good job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Caden Sarale, Linden FFA1635381
Mallory Berhorst, Escalon FFA4408742
Rosie Lamar, East Union FFA6519393
Haley Hoek, Escalon FFA9826964
Nathan Sherbondy, Lodi FFA2909245
Ashley Ortegel, Tokay FFA2796836
Julia Avila, Escalon FFA8520697
Julia Ford, Bear Creek FFA3636638


“Extremely good trio of lambs on top and each and every one of them have a case to be a class winner. When studying them harder and longer the combination sheep of muscle, look and balance is 505885. He is up fronted and wide based. On the move he sets his rear legs the best of the top trio. Nice job. The 2nd lamb is a really good fronted and neat hipped sheep. He doesnt want to set that rear left leg with as much authority as the class winner. Lamb 408743 in 3rd is also super muscular and really toned up in appearance. He doesnt build out of his shoulder quite as neat and needs to be a tick more extended to get over the other 2 but great trio of vert high quality lambs here. Great class all the way through.”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Kayla Rocha, Tracy FFA5058851
Ryan Trick, Escalon FFA4370142
Colten Morino, Ripon FFA4087433
Marvin Garliepp, Linden FFA9141114
Mia Sickler-Lopez, Ripon FFA7427375
Lisette Cisneros, Bear Creek FFA8080756
Brock Shipley, Lodi FFA3120937


“Really good pair on top here. The class winner is extremely good whichever angle you look at him. Hes angular and great chested. He is massive in his muscle shape great looking with some extension as well. This sheep moves good and stands on a nice set of feet and legs. Great job. The 2nd lamb doesnt have quite the look of the winner but is also loaded with muscle and shape. This lamb balances from the side really well and lays in his shoulder good as well. Give this lamb a tick more extension and look and he runs with the class winner harder. Nice job for sure.”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Rylee Towle, Merrill West FFA3063931
John Lucostic, Linden FFA9191702
Hailey Knief, Ripon FFA8774583
Tiffany Shatz, Weston Ranch FFA2498124
Luke Anderson, Escalon FFA9193765
Carson Devine, Lodi FFA5636286


“Easy class winner here. This wether just has the best look combined with enough muscle shape. This sheep has good bone and structure under him. Nice job. Ewe lamb in 2nd is super massive and wide based. Love her stifle shape prob a tick more than the class winner. She doesnt have the look and extension that the class winner does and she appears to be just a tick fatter in over her rib.  Great class nice job”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Izik Meleza, Weston Ranch FFA6534851
Jake Chapin, Ripon FFA7484232
Emilee Craighead, Manteca FFA5809383
Caleb Calderon, Merrill West FFA5200784


“Great way to end the indivdual classed of the FFA show. Really a nice pair of sheep on top where you have to make a decision on total mass and volume or look and movement with enough muscle.  We are using the little more attractive lamb today. He is massive enough and better chested and fronted than the tick wider based lamb in 2nd.  936300 is no doubt loaded with muscle and width but gives up some look and design that the class winner has. Nice job great set from top to bottom.”

NameEntry IDClass Placing
Johnathan Ordner, Weston Ranch FFA6709661
Madison Hoogendoorn, Ripon FFA9363002
Hannah Smallwood, Escalon FFA1780603
Aidan Freitas, Escalon FFA2710834