2020 Lamb Carcass Contest Results

Congratulations to our lamb carcass contest winners!

1st Place – Brooklyn Bigliari, Alpine-Victor 4-H
2nd Place – Madeline Stewart, Ripon 4-H
3rd Place – Hayden Williams, Linden-Peters 4-H

Open the document below to view the scoring details and further carcass placings.

There are three sections within the results document. The first two pages contain the detailed data for the AgFest 2020 lambs. Points are awarded for hot carcass weight, yield grade, quality grade, and OCC%. Then there is a section which calculates a dollar value for the primal cuts – shoulders, racks, loins, and legs.  The Total Points are then added to the Total Primal Cut Value. Subtracting what it would cost to purchase the carcass (the Purchase or Resale Price) from that Total Primal Cut Value would result in the Final Score.  That Final Score could be interpreted as the net value in dollars for that carcass. 

 The next section is the newest Scorecard that gives the ranges and points possible for hot weight, OCC (%), yield grade, quality grade, and dollar values for primal cuts (shoulder, rack, loin, and leg). For those fairs whose data was collected by the USDA Grader, this information is different.  The Management Team chose to reward the dollar value that a particular lamb carcass produces.

The 3rd section contains the Definitions and gives the information that is used to calculate the OCC %, yield grade, quality grade, breast, rack, shoulder, loin, leg, neck and trotters.  There are also definitions for Hot Carcass Weight, Lot # and Serial #.

If you can’t find your name and lamb it is because some lambs from AgFest had no data entered. The no data collected is caused by the angle of the carcass as it passes by the camera. If there is a slight tilt or turn to the carcass the camera cannot get an accurate reading and therefore no data is collected.  This is something that comes from Superior Farms and we have no control over these results.

Special thanks to Kenny Hoogendorn for putting all of the names/clubs together with the Carcass Evaluations