Frequently Asked Questions

Agfest 2020 Virtual Show and Sale

1. General concerns about how this will all work and work out…

We understand that this situation is not ideal, but understand, Agfest has gone above and beyond to try to develop a plan to allow the SJ County youth organization members the opportunity to participate and possibly sell a project.  Please note, many fairs in the state and in surrounding counties are not providing anything for their youth.  So, please take the time to be kind and grateful for the countless hours Agfest VOLUNTEERS have invested and continue to invest in helping our kids.  Ultimately, each exhibitor has the option to decide to participate in this year’s Agfest.

2. Why is YQCA required?

YQCA is a nationally-based program adopted by the State of California to educate youth exhibitors about the proper care and maintenance of livestock projects, as these projects will become a part of the food system for human consumption.  Agfest follows CDFA guidelines.

3. Who will judge the animals in the online format?

AgFest will use judges contracted earlier in the year, provided they are comfortable with the online judging format.  Additionally, we will be seeking a second judge for the market lamb, goat, swine, and steer shows.  This part of the planning process is still in flux.

4. General concerns about the drop-off process…

The procedure for animal drop-off to go to the processor has been determined by the CDFA.  We encourage everyone to use common sense and good decision-making practices in regards to how each club/chapter will make their deliveries, and the processes through to acceptance.  Delivery times will be staggered by club/chapter to keep with physical distancing guidelines. Yes, a vet check will be employed in accordance with CDFA and processor guidelines.  And we are following CDFA Guidelines for good decision-making practices. 

5. How will the online auction work?

We are still researching the best platform to use for the online sale. We will announce the details on how the auction will work as soon as they are available. 

6.  General concern over pre-weights and final weights.

The initial weight provided by the exhibitor will be used to give the buyer an idea of that animal’s weight at the end of May.  Since the sale is not until a later date, buyers will be reminded of the average daily gain for each species, so they can estimate what the animal will approximately weigh when they buy it.  It is important to note that they will buy the animals by the lot (or by the head).  Once the animal is dropped off to go to the processor, an official weight will be taken that must be provided to the processor.

7. Will the video submissions be used for the online virtual auction?


8. What if an earlier video is submitted, is there the opportunity to resubmit during the open/close window?

Please only send in only once.  We suggest you take a few practice videos beforehand, then upload the best one. 

9. Can non- buyers also watch the virtual sale? Some kids/parents may want to watch but not necessarily buy an animal. 

They will have to sign up as a bidder. And they are sold by lots; it is not a live feed auction. 

10. It seems like this type of virtual show will be less expensive for AgFest.  

The cost of entries for the online show is the same as it would have been for the live show.  Although online, there are still the same costs, if not more, associated with the virtual show and sale as there is a great deal of processing work to be done. 

11. One of our major auction supporters is concerned about the weight requirements.  If an animal doesn’t meet the minimum weight how does that work?  

The minimum and maximum weights are set by the processor.  We need to ship market ready animals to the processor that meet those guidelines. If the animal does not meet the minimum weight at drop-off, then the animal must be loaded back onto the trailer and returned to the exhibitor.  The buyer will not be charged, and the exhibitor can privately sell the animal to the buyer. Same can be said for swine that is over the maximum weight limit. 

12.  We are willing to get a scale certified to weigh the club’s animals.  If we do this and have a 3rd party verify, would this be a benefit to Agfest?

This may benefit the club/chapter when weighing animals throughout the process to determine specific animal weights.  At the end of the day, the scale at Agfest will be used to determine the final weights of the animals for the processor certified by Agfest. 

13.  If we live in SJ County but are not members of a 4-H club or FFA chapter in San Joaquin County, can we still show in the breeding division? 

No. Only members of youth of San Joaquin County 4-H and FFA will be allowed to participate this year.  

14.  If students participate in the essay contest, do they submit separate essays for breeding and market?

The essay contest featuring showmanship-centered writing prompts is optional, just like showmanship at traditional Agfest is optional.  They will only submit one essay based upon their organization and age division.

15. Will market animals be judged in weight classes?

Yes, they will be broken into weight classes as they would as in any market show.  Hogs will be sorted by the judge by breed as well.

16.  If an exhibitor competes in showmanship in the essay or the video as a novice this year will they lose their novice status for next year when Agfest returns to its normal program?

No.  They will be eligible to compete in the novice class next year.  However, if they show in sheep, swine or goat showmanship, which is broken by age by year, they will be expected to move up to the next age group next year. For example, if they are 9 this year, they will still show in the 10-year-old class next year. 

17. What if an animal is purchased by a buyer from out of the area/state? 

They can choose the resale option. 

18. Will there be a Market Beef Feeder Class for the animals that are under the market read weight?


19.  If I am so fortunate, when would I receive my awards and ribbons?

Agfest is working on a plan to determine how to best do this.  At this time, Agfest would like to plan an awards ceremony after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.  So, stay tuned.