Frequently Asked Questions

AgFest 2021

1. Will students be required to be present at the live auction or will they be allowed to have someone sell in their place? Obviously family plans have been made and there are students who are unable to be present at a live auction now.

We ask that if there is an issue for the exhibitor to be present at the sale – to send a letter with their name, specie and reason that they can not be present (Covid related, vacation plans, previous commitment, etc) and who will be presenting the animal in their place.

2. When will the dairy heifer sale be? When will the livestock auction be?

Tentatively we are scheduling the Dairy Replacement Sale for July 12th at 7 PM. The sale for all other species will be July 19th starting tentatively at 9 AM. 

3. We are 100% uncomfortable having animals at AgFest without their owners there to care for them throughout the day for a whole host of reasons. The idea of a schedule with feeding/cleaning then leaving the grounds, opens up too much liability especially for animals that are tied up (beef & dairy). If you require animals to stay after they show, exhibitors should be allowed to be present with their animals throughout the day if their district allows. 

The Dairy animals will have exhibitors there the entire time – all breeding will leave after the show and the Replacements will stay until they sell. 

We understand the concern on the Beef – and if exhibitors/family feel strongly about leaving them there – we may be able to release them to go home and return for the sale. We are working on protocol for feeding/cleaning for the beef – we understand the welfare of these animals will require more than the others. 

We are working on protocol for the feeding/cleaning for the Sheep and Goats.  

The Swine were always going to be there from Wednesday – Saturday. 

We are reviewing the Turkeys and Rabbits.

4. Furthermore, while I understand the beauty of getting back to “normal,” I feel that this last minute change just threw all your teachers, leaders and volunteers for a loop that we all now must scramble to try to comprehend and then explain to our members with little to no information. We are all weary and need a lot more details in order for us to communicate with our districts and parents.

We have all been adapting over the past year to change.  This is no different and we never have a way to plan out for something to be perfect.   This change will have obstacles to overcome and we know that our exhibitors are adept to change and making the best of a situation, while the safety of exhibitors and animals are top priority producing a show that gives both the exhibitors and animals the safe environment all around is our goal. 

If exhibitors have any qualm about showing live, keeping their animals at the fair, going through the live sale, please have them send their concerns to

5. Will other animals also be able to leave the grounds and return for the auction?

We are working on protocol for other animals to be removed after the show and return on Friday before the sale.  Please check back on the website as we move forward.

6. When will we know about Parking and RV Spots?

We are working on the Parking and RV – and will have a determination after the Monthly meeting on May 4th – check back here for all Parking and RV after May 4th

7. How are the buyers going to feel comfortable with a live auction. There is still covid around and not all children are vaccinated. Why can’t you have an option for buyers who do not feel ready to be among people and children that they know are not vaccinated. Are you really being as safe as you could be? The virtual auction was great. When there is no worries about covid then go back to a live auction.When will we know about Parking and RV Spots?

We do have an online option for buyers who prefer it. The auction will be simulcast, which means that those who aren’t comfortable with the live auction, or who can’t otherwise attend in person will have the option of bidding online. This approach caters both to buyers who prefer to bid in person and those who prefer online, thus maximizing buyer participation in our auction and providing the best opportunity for a good auction price for our kids.