Department 33 – Cavy Show

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Open to Youth Exhibitors of Contiguous Counties
Must have 10 animals by 3 exhibitors to hold show. 

All Livestock must be in place and checked in by the times stated in the 2019 Daily Schedule 

Entry Fee – $3.00 per Head – Two Entry Limit, per Class in the Same Breed/Variety 
Entry includes Showmanship

American System of Judging 

Best of Show and Reserve in Show – Rosette
Best of Breed – Best Opposite in Each Division – Rosette

(If 10 or More in the Breed)

ARBA Standard of Perfection Division Show

  1. The exhibitor must own animal for at least 30 days prior to AgFest. (See Ownership Requirements for specie date). 
  2. Independent exhibitors must submit pictures electronically with exhibitors name in the subject line to views, face, both sides & back including Exhibitor’s face in pictures with their animal), permanent tag and/or tattoo information no later than 30 days prior to AgFest.  (See Ownership Requirements for specie date).
  3. To ensure competition, classes and divisions are subject to change after close of entries. 
  5. Exhibitor entering this Department has read the Junior Livestock – Showmanship Section, and parents, leaders or advisors have reviewed with Exhibitor. 
  6. All cavies must be recognized breeds without disqualifications. Rules, definitions, and judging procedures as prescribed in the latest edition of the American Rabbit Breeders Association “Standard of Perfection” shall apply. 
  7. All cavies over 6 months of age must be entered as Senior. 
  8. When entering specify Ear Tag, Breed, Variety, Date of Birth, and Sex. 
  9. Cavies will be divided into Breed division after close of entry.
  10. For more information on a recognized breed visit the ACB at
  11. Showmanship scorecard see:

Division 1 – Recognized Breeds 

(Specify breed on entry form) 

Abyssinian SatinPeruvian SatinTeddy Satin
American SatinSilkie SatinWhite Crested
  1. Senior Boar – Over 32 ounces   
  2. Intermediate Boar – Up to 6 months of age, or wt. over 22 ounces, maximum weight 32 ounces
  3. Junior Boar – Up to 4 months of age, minimum weight 12 ounces; maximum weight 22 ounces
  4. Senior Sow – Over 32 ounces
  5. Intermediate Sow – Up to 6 months of age, or weight over 22 ounces, maximum weight 32 ounces    
  6. Junior Sow – Up to 4 months of age, minimum weight 12 ounces; maximum weight 22 ounces 

Division 2 – Non-Recognized Breeds 

Must be ear-tagged. 

  1. Boar   
  2. Sow

Cavy Showmanship

Open to Exhibitors Representing San Joaquin County Only

Ribbons to 6th Place
American System of Judging

Division 20 – 4-H / Grange

  1. Novice 
  2. Advanced 
  3. Intermediate 

Division 21 – FFA / Grange

  1. Greenhand
  2. True Novice
  3. Advanced

All Livestock Breeding Shows are Day Shows
Check in and Check out the same Day.
Please check the 2019 Daily Schedule for dates and times for Check-In and Checkout.

When driving in with trailers enter B Street and Exit Airport Way.
Please be mindful of others unloading and walking around vehicles to unload their animals. Safety first.

Small Animal Market or Breeding

Wednesday – 6:00 – 8:00 pm Only
Thursday – 6:00 – 8:00 pm Only