Department 25 – Commercial Gilts

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Open to Youth Exhibitors of Contiguous Counties
Must have 4 animals in Division by 3 exhibitors to hold show

All Livestock must be in place and checked in by the times stated in the 2019 Daily Schedule

Entry Fee – $15.00 – Two-Entry Limit per Division
Entry Includes Showmanship
*Classes broken up by livestock office based on entries

Check in Sunday, June 9th, 2019 – 5 – 10 am

Contiguous Counties check in June 10th, 2019 from 5:00 am to be checked in by 10:00 AM
Enter Grounds from Martin Luther King Blvd/Grandstands and Unload in front of 4-H Barn at Midway

All Gilts Must Be Ear Tagged

Weigh-in Following 4-H Market Swine
Danish System of Judging
Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion – Rosette

Rules and Information

  1. Exhibitors must own Commercial Gilts for at least 30 days prior to AgFest.  (See Ownership Requirements for specie date).
  2. Bill of sale must be present at the time of ear tag pickup
  3. Independent exhibitors must submit pictures electronically with exhibitors name in the subject line to views, face, both sides & back including Exhibitor’s face in pictures with their animal), permanent tag and/or tattoo information no later than 30 days prior to AgFest.  (See Ownership Requirements for specie date).
  4. AgFest does not provide any bedding for any animals.  All animals will be bedded on shavings and must be kept clean at all times.  Rice straw and sprays are prohibited. 
  5. If there are not 4 animals per division both divisions will be shown together to select a Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion Commercial Gilt. 
  6. If there are less than 4 animals by less than 3 exhibitors at the close of entry deadline will result in cancellation of the show, the exhibitors will be refunded their entry fee.
  7. Hogs must be ear tagged.  Exhibitors please have your Hogs tagged prior to check in – Contiguous counties can tag at check in – check with Livestock office before unloading. 
  8. This is an Open Junior Show.  All exhibitors (4-H, FFA, Grange and Independents) shall compete together in the same classes.
  9. Gilts that are entered and shown in the Breeding Swine Commercial Gilt Show may NOT be entered and shown in the Market Swine Show.
  10. Entries will be weighed, and classes will be split.  Maximum weight limit of 375 lbs. Classes will be split into no more than 7 classes.
  11. Female classes shall be gilts only at least 2 months old. Sows are not eligible.
  12. Exhibitor entering this Department has read the Junior Livestock – Showmanship Section, and parents, leaders or advisors have reviewed with Exhibitor.
  13. ALL Exhibitors are to completely clean pens prior to release, and place debris in designated area. (Not those housed across from the wash rack are exempt) 

Division 1 – Light Crossbreed
Division 2 – Dark Crossbreed

  1. Commercial Gilts 2 months old to 375 lbs. 

Commercial Gilt Showmanship

Open to Exhibitors Representing San Joaquin County Only

Ribbons to 6th Place
American System of Judging

Division 20 – 4-H / Grange

  1. Novice
  2. Intermediate 
  3. Advanced 

Division 21 – FFA / Grange

  1. Greenhand   
  2. True Novice 
  3. Advanced

All Livestock Breeding Shows are Day Shows
Check in and Check out the same Day.
Please check the 2019 Daily Schedule for dates and times for Check-In and Checkout.

When driving in with trailers enter B Street and Exit Airport Way.
Please be mindful of others unloading and walking around vehicles to unload their animals. Safety first.