Department 17 – Breeding Poultry

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Open to Youth Exhibitors of Contiguous Counties
Must have 10 animals by 3 exhibitors to hold show

All Livestock must be in place and checked in by the times stated in the 2019 Daily Schedule 

Entry Fee – $3.00 per Bird

 American System of Judging

Best of Show and Reserve Best of Show – Rosette

Best and Reserve of Division – Rosette (For each Division)

Coop-in Judged and Table Top Show


On January 16, 2019 the California Department of Food & Agriculture issued a Recommendation to Cancel California Poultry Exhibitions That Include Birds from Counties Affected with Virulent Newcastle Disease. This is relevant for any exhibitor planning projects for breeding poultry, market meat birds and/or market turkeys. 

AgFest has elected at this time to proceed with the Breeding and Market Poultry/Turkey Shows. We will stay informed on any further recommendations issued by the California Department of Food & Agriculture and will be obliged to cancel any Breeding and/or Market Shows for Poultry/Turkeys based on their recommendations.  If you decide to proceed with a poultry/turkey project for 2019 AgFest, please be aware of the risk that the shows for these species have a high probability of being cancelled at any time based on how the Newcastle situation evolves and the concern of contiguous counties. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a poultry show will be held during AgFest or the sale of your animals at auction.  If AgFest cancels a show after your entries are received, AgFest will not refund those entry fees.  Exhibitors who are considering moving forward with a poultry/turkey project and showing at AgFest should educate themselves on Virulent Newcastle Disease and how breaches in biosecurity through exposure at poultry exhibitions during this time can put personal flocks and individual birds, including those that are not brought to the show, at risk.

  1. Online Entry will require you to enter department, division, class, breed, variety, sex and leg band numbers. 
  2. Leg band numbers must be placed on coop cards before judging or your entry will be disqualified. 
  3. Judging shall be based on the latest editions of the American Standard of Perfection, copyrighted by the A.P.A. and the Bantam Standard, copyrighted by the A.B.A.  (SCNA for Serama show)
  4. AgFest management reserves the right to combine any classes it deems necessary in order to assure adequate competition and to reclassify any entry entered in the wrong class. 
  5. Substitutions can only be made within a division and will be made at coop-in.  A $5.00 fee will be charged per change in accordance with State Rules. 
  6. The exhibitor must own breeding poultry for at least 30 days (See Owner Requirements for specie date). 
  7. Independent exhibitors must submit pictures electronically with exhibitors name in the subject line to views, face, both sides & back including Exhibitor’s face in pictures with their animal), permanent tag and/or tattoo information no later than 30 days prior to AgFest (See Ownership Requirements for specie date).  
  8. Enter Through B Street – and Check In to the Poultry Tent
  9. All poultry will be inspected prior to coop-in. Upon arrival, as required by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, any bird showing evidence of parasite infestation, disease or illness will not be allowed to enter the Fairgrounds.  Inspected Breeding Birds are to be delivered to the Barn Area for coop-in. 
  10. All birds must be clean and represent the highest quality and standards of that breed. 
  11. Exhibitors are responsible for the feeding, watering and care of their bird.  Must have water at all times. 
  12. Birds are to be handled by owner, judge and show officials only. 
  13. SJCJSAC is not responsible for the death, loss, sickness or injury of any entry, although all care will be taken to protect the animals. 
  14. All crates, boxes, etc. used for delivery of animals must be stored away from cooped and judging areas. 
  15. All birds to be released after completion of show. 
  16. Exhibitors must provide their own feed and water dishes and *bedding.* 
  17. Exhibitor entering this Department has read the Junior Livestock – Showmanship Section, and parents, leaders or advisors have reviewed with Exhibitor. 
  18. ALL Exhibitors are required to clean pens prior to release. 

Division 1 – Large Fowl 

  1. Large Fowl
  2. Non-Standards Mixed Breeds
BuckeyesJavasPlymouth Rocks
ChanteclersJersey GiantsRhode Island Reds
DelawaresLamonasRhode Island Whites
DominiquesNew HampshiresWyandottes
AnconaLeghornsSicilian Buttercups
CrevecoeursLa Fleche
All Other Standard Breeds
AraucanasModern GameShamos
AseelsNaked Necks
CubalayasOld English GamesYokohamas

Division 2 – Bantams (Modern Game/Old English game)

  1. Bantams
  2. Non-Standards Mixed Breeds
Single Comb Clean Legged
AnconasHollandsNew Hampshires
CampinesJersey GiantsPlymouth Rocks
CatalanasLakenveldersRhode Island Reds
FrizzlesNaked Necks
Rose Comb Clean Legged
AnconasLeghornsRhode Island Whites
Antwerp Belgians (D’anvers)MinorcasRosecombs
DorkingsRhode Island RedsWyandottes
All Other Clean Legged
BuckeyeHoudansSicilian Buttercups
ChanteclersLa FlecheSumatras
Feather Legged 
Bootedd’Uccle faverollesSilkies

Division 3 – All Other

  1. All Other
Exotic Birds 

Division 4 – Waterfowl (Ducks and Geese)

  1. Waterfowl
AylesburyEast IndiesRouen
American BuffEmbdenToulouse
CanadaPilgrimTufted Roman
ChineseSaddleback Pomerania

Division 5 – Serama

  1. Cock, Male, 1 year or older 
  2. Hen, Female, 1 year or older 
  3. Cockerel, Male under 1 year 
  4. Pullet, female under 1 year

Division 6 – Table Top Show

  1. Cock, Male, 1 year or older 
  2. Hen, Female, 1 year or older 
  3. Cockerel, Male, under 1 year 
  4. Pullet, Female, under 1 year

Breeding Poultry Showmanship

Open to exhibitors representing San Joaquin County Only

Ribbons to 6thPlace
American System of Judging

Division 20 – 4-H / Grange

  1. Novice
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Division 21 – FFA / Grange

  1. Greenhand    
  2. True Novice
  3. Advanced

All Livestock Breeding Shows are Day Shows; Check in and Check out the same Day. 
Please check the 2019 Daily Schedule for dates and times for Check-In and Checkout. 

When driving in with trailers enter B Street and Exit Airport Way.  Please be mindful of others unloading and walking around vehicles to unload their animals. Safety first.

Small Animal Market or Breeding
Wednesday – 6:00 – 8:00 pm Only
Thursday – 6:00 – 8:00 pm Only