Department 11 – Floriculture

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Megan Dyk / Marci Barnes – Co-Superintendents

Entries Close Wednesday, May 1, 2019
See Daily Schedule for Delivery, Judging & Release
Deliver entries to Building #2

Best of Show – Rosette
Best of Division – Rosette
Premiums – 1st Place $6.00, 2nd Place $4.00 3rd Place $2.00

Danish Judging System

Outstanding FFA & 4-H Exhibitors will be Announced at the Awards Ceremony on Friday, June 14th, 2019

  1. Limit: Three entries per class
  2. $2.00 Entry Fee. Online Fee $3.00 per exhibitor.
  3. Online Entries: No later than Wednesday, May 1th2019
  4. Exhibit See Schedule for Delivery/Judging and Release 
  5. Exhibitors must freshen or replace exhibits as often as necessary. Any exhibits that are wilting will be disposed of. 
  6. The exhibitor within San Joaquin County must have grown exhibits unless otherwise stated. 
  7. Fresh flowers and/or fresh plant material should be used in all arrangements. 
  8. Arrangements must be essentially completed at home. Prep space is available for last minute details only.
  9. Mark the bottom of your containers.  We are not responsible for breakage. 

Division 27 – Potted Plants (All Ages)

Limit – 2 Per Class.  Plants must be well established in clean containers and must be free of insects.  Exhibitor MUST grow plants. 

  1. Cacti/Succulent– Pot up to 4”
  2. Cacti/Succulent– Pot 4” or bigger
  3. Fern– identify on entry
  4. Succulent Bowl– variety of succulents in same container
  5. Any Other– Identify on entry

Division 28 – Cut Flowers – All Ages

Limit – 6 entries per exhibitor per class.  The exhibitor MUST grow flowers.  Containers will be provided.  

  1. Rose– 1 Stem
  2. Hydrangea– 1 Stem
  3. Any Other Cut Flower– 1 stem – identify on entry

Floral Arrangements

Division 29 – 8 Years and Under
Division 30 – 9 Years – 12 Years
Division 31 – 13 Years and Over

Limit – 3 entries per exhibitor per class. Flowers and materials may be purchased.

  1. Here Comes the Bride– Bridal Bouquet, Corsage/Boutonnière, or Centerpiece
  2. Mixed Variety with Foliage
  3. Farmers Market– Include Fruit or Vegetable in arrangement
  4. Miniature Arrangement– No more than 6 inches tall

Container or Dish Gardens

Division 32 – 8 Years and Under
Division 33 – 9 Years – 12 Years
Division 34 – 13 Years and Over

Limit – 2 Entries Per exhibitor per class. ENTRY MUST BE NO LARGER THAN THE EXHIBITOR CAN CARRY.  Choose plants that are blooming and/or plants that are all green.  Plants may be purchased.  Display items may be added for creativity.

  1. USA Proud
  2. Backyard BBQ
  3. Bounty of the County
  4. Fishing Hole

Judging Criteria – Horticulture and Floriculture

1st Place Superior92% – 100%
2nd Place Good84% – 91%
3rd Place Average-Acceptable70% – 83%
4th Place Poor-UndesirableLess than 70%


Friday June 14th, 2019 @ 9:30 am
Fee:  $15.00
Enter Online by Wednesday, May 1th, 2019 
This live competition is a fun way to try your hand at floral design.  All flowers, materials and tools will be provided. Participants will have 45 minutes to create an original design in the style of their choice.  Judging based on creativity, incorporating elements of design, proper use of tools and safety.  Final judging, critiques and awards will immediately follow contest.  Exhibitors may take arrangements home after the contest. 

Division 35 – 8 years and younger
Division 36 – 9 years through 12 years
Division 37 – 13 years and older