Creating a Bio on Stock Show Auctions

It’s time to send out buyer letters and create your bio on Stock Shoe Auctions! What’s the reason for this?? The Stock Show bio is for those who are going to stay home and bid online – LIVE!! And Buyer Letters are to inform friends, family, business associates, etc. about your project that you have worked so hard on to sell at the auction. Remember it takes more than one person to bid on your animal to make the price go up…and 4 or 5 really help the process!

Click here for tips on writing your buyer letter.


Video: Instructions for Exhibitors


Exhibitors! Create a Bio in Stock Show Auctions & Send out Buyer Letters
What’s the reason for this?? The Stock Show bio is for those who are going to stay home and bid online – LIVE!! And Buyer Letters are to inform friends, family, business associates, etc. about your project that you have worked so hard on to sell at the auction. Remember it takes more than one person to bid on your animal to make the price go up…and 4 or 5 really help the process!

SIGN UP ON STOCK SHOW AUCTIONS (If this is not completed by June 9th AgFest will create yours and you will not have an option for any edits.)


  1. Go to
  2. If you were an exhibitor last year, you are already halfway there!
    -Click on the Login/Register
    -Click on the Username – your name will pop up! If you saved your password, it will also pop up! Then click on the LOGIN bar. Join us below at BIO. If it didn’t save your password and you don’t remember your password, use the FORGOT PASSWORD BUTTON. Go ahead and complete those steps and join us down below at BIO
  3. If this is your first year in this process:
    -Click on the Login/Register button
    -Click on the REGISTER bar and start to set up your account
    Before we start this process, find out if your mom and dad are also going to be using this account as aBUYER. If the answer is YES, then have them select a USERNAME that they want to use that will show their name or company name as the USERNAME. Also note the system will only allow one email account so if you and your family (like if your siblings are exhibitors) use one email. Use the same USERNAME and password when setting up this account. You can put your PARENT’S NAME in the Name and Address portion
    -Start with the USERNAME and password. WRITE THESE DOWN somewhere so you won’t lose them. You can create an easy password. It can be only 4 letters or numbers or whatever you want
    -Put in name, email, and company if it is your parents using this, too
    On the Interest In, click the down button and select SELLING MY PROJECT. If your parents will also beSIMULCAST bidding or checking it out, click the down button and also select BIDDING AND BUYING
    -Enter phone numbers where we can contact you with any issues
    -For Address, enter your home address. Below is a section for billing address information if different.
    -Click NEXT STEP
    -If you selected BIDDING AND BUYING, your parents will need to add their credit card. It will not be charged or used, but it is to verify that it is a real person that will be bidding on the Simulcast auction. Enter that, or if they don’t want to do that at this time, go back to the INTEREST IN and delete the BIDDING AND BUYING. It can be added later by going into the Account and Edit button and returning to this part
    -READ through the terms of the sale. If you agree to the terms, click on the box, confirm and click NEXT


  1. Click on Account that appears at the top.
  2. Click on CONSIGNOR PORTAL (remember the Account and Consignor Portal steps as you will use itfrequently until your BIO is complete – including AFTER YOU SHOW!).
  3. You will now select the following depending on WHAT you will be exhibiting:
    REPLACEMENT DAIRY HEIFERS – Select 15140 San Joaquin AgFest Replacement Dairy Heifers – Click on LOTS
    MARKET SWINE–Select 15144 San Joaquin Agfest Market Swine – Click on LOTS
    ALL OTHER PROJECTS: – Beef, Sheep, Goats, Ag Mechanics, Rabbits, Poultry – Select 15141 San Joaquin AgFest Livestock Auction – Click on LOTS
  4. Click on ADD NEW (in the upper left).
  5. On the Category Click the following based on what you are selling (be sure to only use one of these categories)
    -Dairy Replacement Heifers
    -Jr Market Swine
    -Jr Market Beef
    -Jr Beef Heifers
    -Jr Market Sheep
    -Jr Market Goats
    -Jr Ag Mech Project
    -Jr Market Rabbits
    -Jr Market Turkey
    -Jr Market Poultry
    NOTE: Leave the Qty as 1

SHOW PLACING – this is where you will come back AFTER the show and put in your placing information.

  1. Put in your name – please spell correctly and as you will market yourself. If you are sending out buyer letters and put Margie – but you put Margaret here – buyers may have a hard time finding you!
  2. FFA Chapter or 4-H Club Name – we need to be consistent; type in the full FFA Name. So, if you are Manteca FFA, don’t just put MANTECA; put in MANTECA FFA. Same with Lodi; ask your Ag Teacher if you are all putting in LODI FFA No 1 or just LODI FFA. Same with the 4-H Clubs i.e. Tokay Colony 4-H, RIPON 4-H. If you don’t distinguish between your FFA and 4-H clubs, they may have a problem finding you, especially if you are in Ripon or Escalon.
  3. Validation Tag or Show Reference # – right now leave this blank until you get your AGFEST TAG. If you are a Dairy Replacement Heifer, put your number in.
  5. City – put in the City that you live in; this again will be consistent with your buyer letter.
  6. Animal Weigh in #’s – leave this blank; AgFest will put the official weigh in.
  7. Date of Reported weight – you can put the day that you will weigh in or leave this blank.
  8. TYPE of SALE – ALL OF THIS SALE will be TERMINAL, meaning that the buyer will get the project.
  9. Description – this is your BIO. Make this appealing and make it stand out. Put in your name, grade, school, and info that gives the buyer an insight to who you are and your projects and what you have learned, info about your animal etc. Put as much information as you can as this is also part of your marketing.
  10. Starting Bid – leave this at the $25; we will update these fields.
  11. RESERVE AMOUNT: you will not have a RESERVE amount; leave this area blank.
  12. Click SAVE at the bottom right of the screen


  1. Next is the PHOTO Option or Video Link. We prefer PHOTO
  2. Scroll down a bit – and Click on BROWSE to pull up your photos. Note that when the sale happens thefirst photo will be the photo that the buyer sees, so be sure it is a good one of you and your
  3. animal. They will also see you LIVE on the screen, so an up-close photo of you and your animal or just your animal might be best! If it appears on your screen in the 3rd position, just drag and drop it to the 1st
  4. You can add as many photos as you’d like to this link. But be sure you add at LEAST ONE!
  5. For Dairy Replacement Heifers, this is also where you would add your DAIRY LINEAGE and Milk report.Click on the Documents and Browse and drop those files here.
  6. Once photos are on your screen, they are saved. To delete a photo, click on the X on photo to delete.
  7. Your information has now been created for the Simulcast Auction. You can LOG OUT at the top.
  8. At any time, you can go back into your CONSIGNOR PORTAL and click on EDIT and add information, andphotos and update it. Start at the top with AUCTION, Click the CONSIGNOR PORTAL and click Edit. Besure to CLICK SAVE if you edit your description.
  9. Please watch the STOCK SHOW AUCTION EXHIBITOR Video to help you market yourself!