Clean Pen Awards

The purpose of the award is to promote attractive and educational presentations of projects. All 4-H/Grange and FFA Groups showing the following market animals: Beef, Dairy Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Rabbits and Poultry are eligible to enter the contest. A sign identifying the group must be displayed. The Clean Pen for AgFest 2023 will have a Decoration component. An educational component MUST also be included as a part of your decorations. This is a great opportunity for youth to teach what they’ve learned! Judging will occur throughout the course of AgFest under the supervision of the Junior AgFest with input from Barn Chairs. Exhibits are scored on the following:

Download scoring rubric:

Exhibits are scored on the following:

Educational Value: 15 Points (Must have Educational Component to compete)

15Does exhibit have an educational component

General Appearance: 75 points

20Hallway: Swept and clear
20Use of sign identifying 4-H club or FFA chapter
15Cleanliness and appearance of animals
10Condition of bedding
5Neatness of tack and equipment
5Decorations Reflecting Theme
ABSOLUTELY NO DECORATIONS THAT BLOCK AIRFLOW THROUGH THE LIVESTOCK PEN AREAS. All decorations are to be above the top rail of the pens/stalls. No full height displays – ie: “Barns”. Name plates and/or small signage on front of pens is okay as long as it doesn’t block the entire pen face.

Attendant(s) on Duty: 10 points

5Attendant easily recognized and courteous
5Is attendant willing to share knowledge and information

TOTAL: 100 Points

Push brooms will be awarded to the top scorers (with Barn Chair approval) as follows:

  • Beef: 4-H/Grange and FFA
  • Dairy: 4-H/Grange and FFA
  • Swine: 4-H/Grange and FFA
  • Sheep: 4-H/Grange and FFA
  • Goats: 4-H/Grange and FFA
  • Rabbits/Cavies: 4-H/Grange and FFA
  • Poultry: 4-H/Grange and FFA