AgFest 2022 – Guidebook and Schedules

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Change Log
1. Animals can be pulled from the sale if they are NOT A CHAMPION (Champion is any considered any CHAMPION or RESERVE status, including such as Barrow Champion, Weight Champion, Hampshire Reserve Champion. If you have 2 Champions the higher placing Champion must sell.  If exhibitor wishes to pull an animal, they must complete form at Livestock Office and submit payment of $50.00 to pull the animal from the sale.  No animal can leave the grounds until after the form and payment is made or the exhibitor will be subject to disciplinary actions. 
2. AgFest is kicking off this year with some LIVE ENTERTAINMENT on Monday night June 13th and Friday night June 17th for our exhibitors and families.  More information to follow – but we hope that you can join us for some dancing and fun!
3. Updated the website for YQCA
4. Live entertainment added to the schedule on Monday, June 13 and Friday, June 17

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