AgFest 2021

4 thoughts on “AgFest 2021

  1. Can the public attend%.

    1. AgFest 2021 is not open to the public. Only exhibitors, their families, club leaders and advisors, and AgFest volunteers may attend, as well as registered buyers at the auction(s).

  2. Heard about this event on the radio and it sounded like the public could attend to see the animals ?? Can you please let me know if we can take our grandkids?

    1. We regret that because of Covid restrictions, AgFest is not open to the public this year…only exhibitors, their families, AgFest volunteers and registered buyers for the auction at the end of the week. However, we sincerely hope that we can return to a normal event next year and open the event for the public to enjoy as well as the exhibitors and their families.

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