AgFest 2020 Virtual Show and Sale Guidebook

Please download and review the guidebook that has been updated to reflect the virtual show and sale. Because of the evolving shelter-in-place recommendations and the “work in progress” nature of the virtual show and sale experience, the guidebook may continue to evolve. Note the change log below for a description of the changes made for each version.

Change Log

rev. 0519.1 – Added video guidelines and pattern descriptions for Dog Show divisions. Added Division 7 – Youth Handling…this is the showmanship class for the dog show…it is not necessary to have entered Division 7 in Blue Ribbon. Submitting a video constitutes your entry

rev. 0511.1 – Corrected mistake in the schedule for due date of market and breeding videos…they will be due on 5/30 at 11:59 PM (not 5/29 as was previously indicated in the schedule).

rev. 0430.1 – Department 20 – Dairy Cattle – corrected class descriptions in the registered and grade divisions to indicate classes where heifers should NOT be in milk. Department 32 – Market Swine – added the class numbers for the swine breeds – Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire, All Other Breeds, Crossbred.

rev. 0427.1 – Remove language about late period for online entries. There will be no late entries accepted this year, no exceptions.

rev. 0423.1 – Substituted language regarding SCOnline to TBD as we continue to evaluate all of our available options for providing the best virtual show and sale experience possible.

rev. 0421.1 – Corrected payout weight – Department 31 Market Sheep, page 67, #3 – payout weight is 150

rev. 0420.2 – Corrected 2 copy/paste errors – Department 31 Market Sheep, page 67, #3 – statement named goats instead of sheep and Department 32 Market Swine page 69, #3 – statement named goats instead of swine