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Guidebook Update

A significant revision to the Guidebook has been released. It is very important that you download the latest version of the guidebook and pay special attention to the schedules and the check-in/release protocols for your species. Here is a summary of the updates that have been made:

  • Updated references to the auction to reflect the details around the live/simulcast auction
  • Updated the schedule for the replacement heifer auction to Saturday, June 12th at 7:00 PM
  • Updated details around General and RV parking
  • Updated release/return protocols for market animals – market poultry and rabbits will be released after their shows – arrangements with the barn chair can be made to keep them on the fairgrounds; other market animals will remain on the fairgrounds, unless exhibitors choose to take them home between conclusion of their shows and the auction (except swine and replacement heifers – they will not be released prior to their respective auctions).
  • Updated location information for Horticulture, Floriculture, Ag Mechanics, Entomology and Ag Panels
  • Updated date, time and location for the Dog Show
  • Dates added for early tack delivery and setup (page 31)

Download AgFest Guidebook and Schedule

Please download this new version and discard any previous versions that you have.

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