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AgFest 2021 Schedule and Release Protocols

Just a reminder that we are close to finalizing the schedule and release protocols for AgFest 2021, but still have a few logistics to work out with the change to a live/simulcast auction. Replacement Heifer auction is still scheduled for Saturday, June 12th tentatively at 7PM.

2 thoughts on “AgFest 2021 Schedule and Release Protocols

  1. How are the buyers going to feel comfortable with a live auction. There is still covid around and not all children are vaccinated. Why can’t you have an option for buyers who do not feel ready to be among people and children that they know are not vaccinated. Are you really being as safe as you could be? The virtual auction was great. When there is no worries about covid then go back to a live auction.

    1. We do have an online option for buyers who prefer it. The auction will be simulcast, which means that those who aren’t comfortable with the live auction, or who can’t otherwise attend in person will have the option of bidding online. This approach caters both to buyers who prefer to bid in person and those who prefer online, thus maximizing buyer participation in our auction and providing the best opportunity for a good auction price for our kids.

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