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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are concerns about the change to having a live/simulcast auction. The constantly evolving changes to pandemic safety protocols have made planning for AgFest events extremely challenging. Fortunately, the changes this year are trending towards less restrictions rather than more, so we are able to offer a live auction, which we are confident will ultimately lead to more buyer participation, and hence higher prices for our youth. Our goal is and has ever been to provide a livestock show that provides the ultimate benefit and opportunity to San Joaquin County youth. There will certainly be some logistics to work out to ensure safety for our participants and welfare of the livestock, but like we have always done since AgFest was first conceptualized, we are confident that we will succeed at this challenge.

We have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions to address some of the common concerns/questions that have been circulating. We will add to this as needed as we move forward.

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