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AgFest 2021 is on track!

Many of you have heard rumors that the Fairgrounds will not be available and that there may be no AgFest 2021. Please be assured that no matter what transpires relative to the fairgrounds, there will be an AgFest. As of now, we have every reason to believe that the commitment the state made to us relative to usage of the fairgrounds in 2021 is still in place. However, in the event that we are unable to hold the event there, the AgFest board remains committed to holding a show and have backup options being developed.

The AgFest organization was formed out of the determination of our community members that San Joaquin County youth would continue to have access to a livestock show regardless of what happened to the state-run county fair. That determination is unchanged…we will overcome our current challenges…whether it be a pandemic or loss of facilities and we will hold an AgFest 2021. Stay tuned…we will share information as our plans develop and as always, thank-you so much for your support.

3 thoughts on “AgFest 2021 is on track!

  1. I have no doubt their will be an AGFEST 2021. You have all proven your dedication and determination over and over. Thank you for all you do..

  2. Is there a date yet for 2021 At Fest?

    1. The dates are June 13th-June 20th

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