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AgFest 2020 Drive-Through Awards Ceremony – Updated

Please join us for a drive-through awards ceremony! Everyone is invited to attend. Here are the details:

When: Sunday, August 16,  2020 from 9:00am to 11:00am. Gates open at 9 am –  Ceremony begins at 9:30am followed by the drive-by award pick-up.

Where: Clements Buckaroos parking lot at the Clements Rodeo grounds, 19381 E Highway 88Clements, CA  95227

How: AgFest will have an in-car awards ceremony in the parking lot followed by a drive-by pick-up of awards. The event master of ceremonies will be on stage alone and broadcast about a 45-minute program announcing the events and awards earned by the exhibitors. The cars will exit the parking lot and either leave the property or drive past one of 6 tables to be handed their awards. Each table will be serviced by two volunteers (one at the table and the second handing the awards to the passing car). All volunteers will have access to sanitizer and wear face masks and gloves while maintaining 6 feet of distance from others.

Participants & Volunteers: Please park 6-feet apart (come in a pick-up if possible and plan to sit in the bed of the truck). Follow social distancing and mask mandate rules.

Q: Do we need to wear uniforms?
A: If you are a champion and want to get a photo with your uniform, that would be great

Q: Will everyone get ribbons?
A: We have ribbons for breeding exhibitors through placings – market animals are champions only – ag mechanics and stills – yes

Q: Will the carcass contest awards be given for beef and sheep?
A: Yes – they will be announced at the awards presentation

Q: Will showmanship awards be given?
A: Yes – showmanship will receive ribbons through the posted placings and advanced will receive awards

Q: What if we can’t make it to the awards ceremony – how do we get our awards?
A: You can designate someone to pick up your awards for you or email Molly Watkins at to make arrangements to get them

Q: Will we be able to take pictures with our awards?
A: Yes – keeping the social distancing – we will have a space set up for photos

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