Thank-you to Our Past Officers Stepping Down and to our New Officers Stepping Up

We want to thank those officers that are stepping down as we get a new slate of officers taking new positions this year! 

Thank you to our President Chris Gatschet, he has done amazing things for AgFest!! He will stay on as Past President helping our new president and helping with facilities as well. 

Thank you to Cheri Mello who served as our Secretary and our Treasurer for the past 4 years. Cheri has agreed to stay on and assist with the Auction and during the week of Agfest and assist our new Treasurer as well. 

Thank you to Ashley Wentworth who was our secretary last year. 

Welcome: Josh Hiatt as our new President; Jennifer Terpstra will remain our Vice President; Candace Morton will be our new Secretary and Sara Petrini will be our new Treasurer!