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Saturday June 15 Recap

2019 AgFest ended with the livestock and ag mechanics auctions. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received from the community bidding at the auction and making it possible to put AgFest on. Thank-you to all of our volunteers in the AgFest board and committees for making AgFest happen. Finally…thanks to all of the leaders, parents and exhibitors for your participation and for making the AgFest exciting, competitive and educational.

Here are some shots from Saturday…

Market Swine Auction

Market Beef, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Ag Mechanics Auction

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Friday June 14 Recap

We were no less busy at AgFest as our contests and events wrapped up with the Floral Design Challenge, Clover Showmanship, Small and Large Animal Showmanship, the Awards Ceremony, the Sponsor/Buyer dinner and the Replacement Heifer Auction. Our final day is tomorrow…we wrap up with the livestock and ag mechanics auctions. Here are some snap shots from the day…

Pee Wee Dairy Showmanship

We need pictures from this event. If you have some you would like to contribute, please send them to

Floral Design Challenge

Clover Showmanship

Master Showmanship

Awards Ceremony

Live Stream of the 2019 AgFest Awards Ceremony

Sponsor Dinner

Replacement Heifer Auction

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Thursday June 13 Recap

Finally, some relief from the heat…it only got into the nineties today! Our show continued with the dairy cattle show and the market rabbit show. We also had our super fun events…the livestock judging show, the ice cream social and the costume contest. Thanks to everyone that participated! Here are some shots from the day…

Dairy Cattle Show

Market Rabbit Show

Livestock Judging Contest

Ice Cream Social

We need pictures from the event! If you have some you would like to contribute some, please send them to

Costume Contest

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Wednesday June 12 Recap

Our exhibitors were undeterred by the last day of over-100 degree heat and showed off their skills in showmanship for market swine, market beef, market sheep, market goats and dairy cattle. The shows for cavies and breeding rabbits also took place. Way to persevere! Here are some shots from the day…

Market Swine Showmanship

Market Goat Showmanship

Market Sheep Showmanship

Market Beef Showmanship

Cavy Show

Breeding Rabbit Show

Dairy Cattle Showmanship/Replacement Heifers

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Tuesday June 11 Recap

Another busy and hot day on record at 2019 AgFest. Today…we had Dairy Cattle and Replacement Heifers arrive on set. We also had the Market competitions for swine, sheep, beef and goats, as well as out supreme champion drives for each of those species. Rather than the supreme drives happening in separate rings for all the species, we combined them all into one big celebration in the beef ring for all of the species. It was a great event, with great attendance! Here are some images from the day…

Dairy Cattle Arrival

Market Swine

Market Goats

Market Beef

Market Sheep

Live Stream of FFA Champion Market Sheep Drive
Live Stream of 4-H Champion Market Sheep Drive

Supreme Champion Drive

Live Stream of Market Swine, Beef, Sheep and Goat Supreme Champion Drives
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Monday, June 10 Recap

It was a very hot and busy day today at AgFest. Market goats, sheep and beef arrived, swine weighed in, still exhibits checked in and were judged, and the dairy goat and breeding swine shows happened. Here are some snapshots of the action…

Swine Weigh-in

Horticulture Check-in and Judging

Floriculture Check-in and Judging

Entomology Check-in and Judging

Ag Panels Check-in and Judging

Ag Mechanics Check-in and Judging

The Dairy Goat Show

The Dog Show

Commercial Gilts

Livestock Knowledge Bowl

Hay Bucking Contest

Live Stream of the Hay Bucking Contest
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Sunday, June 9 Recap

Today was the first official day of AgFest…livestock and still exhibits arrived and were settled in to their home for the week. We also had breeding shows for beef, goats and sheep. The temperature is rising, so our exhibitors will be taking extra care to make sure their animals do not get overheated.

Breeding Beef

Congratulations to our champions in breeding beef:

  • Supreme Champion Breeding Beef – Claire Gookin
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Beef – Kayla Rocha
  • Cow/Calf Champion – William Burden

Here are some shots from the show…

Breeding Sheep

Congratulations to our champions in breeding sheep:

  • Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe – Aubrey Deutschlander
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe – Luke Morino
  • Supreme Champion Breeding Ram – Luke Morino
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Ram – Colton Morino

Here are some shots from the show:

Breeding Goats

Congratulations to our champions in breeding goats:

  • Supreme Champion Breeding Doe – Carly Castello
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Doe – Aiden Hohenwarter
  • Supreme Champion Breeding Buck – Emma Graham
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Buck – Halle Suttle

Here are some shots from the show: